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About Us
HashPrix was started as an experimental project in 2017 with a vision to make a platform wherein blockchain can be used to work on the pressing issues in security, latency and user ID management systems but in time expanded to include both product development and business consultation services in multiple verticals ranging from providing advisory to crypto exchanges for business development and fund raising to helping clients understand whether they require a blockchain in their system and which blockchain would be best for them. Some of the industries in which we have provided requisite services of business and product consultation are healthcare, education, insurance, alternative investments, telecommunication, payments, aerospace, real estate, art, etc. We provide consultation to both public and private sectors as well as for projects based on tokens or enterprise solutions. We can provide functional PoCs for use cases in healthcare, asset tokenization, logistics, payments, etc.
We have already ventured into Healthcare and supply chain with affiliates and partners all over the globe and were recognized as a Top 3 most popular project among 70 at the Global Blockchain Congress held in December 2018 in Kolkata, India; for presenting our one of our healthcare use cases

HashPrix has now reached a critical juncture to scale up to a blockchain and emerging tech platform and are on the lookout for investment partners, development partners, researchers and enthusiastic individuals who believe in and are committed to invest time and energy to use emerging technologies to make an impact especially in the four verticals mentioned - healthcare, asset tokenization, supply chain and sustainability.

We will be employing a blockchain agnostic approach to work on building the ecosystem. It depends on the specific use case being worked upon whether we will use a public, private, permissioned or a hybrid blockchain OR we develop a new consensus protocol all together.

Research, Analysis and Deep Dive to deliver best consultation to or clients
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