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The Right Way is the Blockchain Way

The HashPrix Healthcare Platform (HHP) is an initiative to remedy the disjointed record keeping system in healthcare management from the level of individuals to hospitals, etc by using blockchain to make the record management easy, secure and transparent. 

Why HHP?

HHP is a unique, global platform using blockchain technologies to remedy issues of security, latency and record management in healthcare and user/consumer identity management. Intrigued by the infinite applications of blockchain technology beyond cryptocurrency world, we dived into DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) to understand possible avenues we can contribute to disrupt and optimize the existing processes.

HashPrix platform is home to a pool of blockchain software solutions - both made by us and hosted by our partners, that can be customized to work on use cases we accept. Along with this, a dedicated team of developers, mentors from all over the globe, adequate resources, initial funding, an opportunity to test the pilot and chances of securing a funding for full scale deployment, are a few of the services you can expect at HashPrix.

Our Implementation

Our Use Case Concentration

Patient Record Management System

Hospital Record Management System

Clinical trial Data Management

Mediclaim Reimbursement System

We will work on multiple use cases as a time to deliver our complete ecosystem and expand to other industries 

Solution Roadmap

1. White paper for HashPrix

2. Team building

3. PoC for first product

1. Pilot

2. Adding use-case PoCs

3. Team and Partnership building

Q4 2019

Q4 2019

Q1 2020

Q2 2020

1. Network building

2. Seed Investment

  3. PoC Development

1. Set up labs and equipment

2. Invite teams from around the globe

3. Allocate funds to relevant use-cases

4. Introduce HPX tokens


If you have a use case in healthcare that can be helped by blockchain technology

please do not hesitate to contact us at


The date mentioned above for the launch of the HPX tokens is tentative and subject to change. We will keep you posted regarding the same. 

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