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HIF is a unique index fund of cryptocurrencies, a portfolio built using our proprietary algorithm, which allows investors to invest in and to own a portfolio of cryptocurrencies to get better returns at lower risks.

Through HIF our concentration will be to invest not only in any single high performing currency that has already expanded but also in a portfolio of cryptocurrencies that are selected after months of research and analysis/studies to appreciate in value in the coming days.


The portfolio of cryptocurrencies, we will invest in, will comprise of a set of cryptocurrencies selected through our algorithm and will be rebalanced monthly to mitigate the market risks.



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Why invest in HIF?

Being a passive investor with HIF, an investor can:

  1. Secure higher returns

  2. Own multiple cryptocurrencies

  3. Get better returns


Without worrying about any of the issues being faced by active investors:

  1. What cryptocurrency to invest in?

  2. Is it secure to maintain an individual wallet?

  3. How can I make the highest returns?


Amit Joshi and Himanshu Makkar are the two co-founders of HashPrix being ably provided legal guidance by JB & Associates.


They are currently in talks with individuals from all over the globe to bring in the best of the best - the crypto traders, blockchain developers, mentors, experts to join this exciting venture to move towards a blockchained future.



If you would like to know more, you can reach us at



*The date mentioned above for the launch of the hashprix index fund is tentative and subject to change. We will keep you posted regarding the same. 

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