Live in present, act for the future

Blockchain has been earmarked as the most important skill for 2020. Hence we will not only help people learn development on blockchain but also use blockchain to create a platform to make learning affordable


With an eye on the future of human life and the well being of the planet, we feel working on sustainability initiatives will be on the rise in the coming years. We are open for contributions from experts in their respective fields to develop concrete use cases to work on the sustainability initiative and spread awareness.


  • Climate Change

  • Energy

  • Support to Social Causes

  • Education

Why Sustainability?

Looking at the future, few of the major challenges we face today have to addressed such as - energy consumption, climate change, aid response in catastrophic situations, increased awareness about the surroundings among the general public.


Blockchain along with other emerging technologies will play an important role in helping document the quantitative results which cannot be tampered with and provide adequate solution options to the address the situation.

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