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HPM 10

Index Fund

The fund tracks the cryptocurrencies in the HIF 10 Index, which is a basket of the largest coins, weighted by inflation adjusted market capitalization and rebalanced monthly. The fund provides the security and convenience of a traditional investment vehicle.

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10 Coins

70%+ Coverage

Market Cap Weighted

Monthly Rebalanced

Inflation Adjustment

Composite Price

Minimum Investment: $20,000

Key Facts

Asset Class: Cryptocurrency

Index: HashPrix HIF 10

Management Fee: 2.5%

Liquidity: Redemptions are quarterly. For the first 12 months redemptions incur a 1.5% withdrawal fee.

Performance Fee: 0%

Auditor: Coming Soon

Custodian: Coming Soon

Attorney: JB & Associates

Taxation: The fund intends to be treated as a pass-through partnership for tax purposes.

Sponsor: HashPrix

Contribution: US bank wires only. Cryptocurrency not accepted.

Summary: Ownership interest offered under Regulation D / 506 (c)


Become an investor in the Index Fund

The HashPrix HIF 10 Private Index Fund is a smart and convenient way to invest in the cryptocurrency market

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