Major concerns in healthcare

More than 10% of the drugs available globally are fake

The cost of medical history of a patient in the dark market is above $300

Average time to process a mediclaim is more than 30 days

AND MORE can be addressed by ...

Implementation of blockchain 


  • Patient Record Management

  • Anti-Counterfeit Drug

  • Clinical Trial Research Data Management

  • Provenance Tracking of Inititatives

  • Medical Insurance

  • Medical Equipment Management

These are some of the use cases we have worked on/are working on in collaboration with our partners and affiliates. For details, please feel free to contact us.


Ideation to Implementation

When we think blockchain in the healthcare ecosystem, we think about a patient centric ecosystem with transparency at its core. 

With so many stakeholders in the ecosystem, the role of each stakeholder is as important as the other to make the implementation of blockchain successful.

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