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HashPrix is a platform to enhance the applications of blockchain to develop blockchain and shared ledger technology use cases from inception to deployment by providing adequate advisory, consultation, development and business services

AI, ML and IoT have as much of a role to play in laying the technical foundation of the future - in the technological realms; as blockchain has to play. Thus, to build a comprehensive solution, we at HashPrix, will be considering a combination of one or more of these emerging technologies while working on a use case if it helps in creating a more comprehensive solution.

We will be adopting a blockchain agnostic approach and will use an interactive API which the customer can use to "Envision their own solution" to be built on the platform.

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What are we working on?

How we do it?


Deep Dive and analyze the requirements for implentation of blockchain


Give recommendations for which blockchain variant to implement


Develop pilots of use cases and test for feasibility before real world implementation


Implement solutions and check the feedback loop to enhance efficiency




 Experience, determination, result oriented and global are few words that describe our team of individuals, partners and affiliates who have delivered on numerous projects globally

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VISION AHEAD: Do we Tokenize? 

Tokenizing for us is not about raising funds but more about attaching the tokens with a intrinsic utility in the ecosystem.



Currently we are contemplating a two token model - 'one security and one utility token' for the asset tokenization platform



We are looking to set up partnerships globally and expand our team



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