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Use Cases

Some of the verticals and use cases we have worked on in the past as well as are actively working on to not only show the range of use cases we have worked on, or are actively working on, from inception to implementation to enhance Web3 adoption

Image by Shubham Dhage



We have explored and are actively exploring use cases for all layers of the DeFi stack including DeFI primitives, L2 protocols, privacy, DAO governance, lending, bridges, staking, smart contracts, governance, etc. from the perspective of risk, opportunities and ecosystem impact



Asset tokenization is the future and we have been involved in the space for 5+ years working across different geographies to cover use cases for asset tokenization to enhance security, enable fractional ownership & provenance including Real Estate, Art, IP, Equity, Debt, commodities, etc.

Image by Markus Spiske
Illuminated Abstract Shapes


AI & Decentralization

AI & Web3 integration can be mutually beneficial and enable multitudes of use cases with huge potential. We are exploring implementations whereby integration of AI & web3 make sense and looking into AI Agents, data architecture & availability, GPU and incentive mechanisms for such use cases


Verification & Provenance

From NFTs to transactions, from ownership to documents; verification becomes very important in the digital space. We are working on multiple use cases providing provenance and verification for different asset classes including data, NFTs and tokens.

Screenshot 2023-06-09 at 2.02.23 PM.png
Tall Buildings



Healthcare, sustainability, pharma, insurance, ID management, payments and voting are some of the use cases we have worked on and will continue to explore to help build better products/services

And much more...

These are just a handful of use cases being showcased. We have covered a wide range of use cases across multiple blockchains and continue to push further with in-house development as well as steering projects building in the Web3 space or guiding enterprises in Web3 adoption.

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