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The Guiding Light

Our Steering Sectors

Ecosystem Design

Building an Web3 ecosystem involves numerous aspects including open communication, incentivize structure to build and participate and a blueprint encouraging building towards the missing pieces in the ecosystem by making use of the available resources covering different activities. We steer teams using these methods to build a better and engaging ecosystem

Product Strategy

Product strategy entails designing a long-term product roadmap depicting features, components and deliverables over a period of time with feedback from builders and users in the ecosystem. We help blockchain protocols by optimizing the product roadmap as per priority of feature requirement based on research, feedback and competitive analysis​


Activities we cover include feasibility analysis of blockchain implementation as well as token relevance in the ecosystem, providing a optimized business strategy roadmap for start-ups to scale and operate seamlessly covering tokenomics, competitive landscape, business strategy, financial analysis, providing a business roadmap to include blockchain for enterprises, areas of concentration: DeFi, NFT, Healthcare, Payments, Insurance, Asset tokenization, supply chain, sustainability, etc.

Compliance & Regulations

Activities we cover include providing legal, regulatory and compliance related consultation for multiple jurisdiction, KYT/KYC/AML regulations, FATF recommendations & compliances in different jurisdictions

Build better

Encouraging disruption & innovation is necessary to move ahead in technology but advancements in technology happen at the pace of support infrastructure available, for developers, and ease of usage, for end users. When it comes to moving the projects to the mainnet stage, no amount of preparation or narrative can help out. Having a solid underlynig tech, a claer roadmap and utility to the ecosystem matters. There are no standards or benchmarks in making an unstoppable blockchain protocol or application or ecosystem but what is necessary is to learn from the pitfalls and build products and ecosystem. We strive to provide the right guidance for builders, projects, enterprises alike to you make informed and data based decisions on what would be the best for them. 

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